Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What sleep deprivation does to you...take 4

This one should have a subtitle of "things thought, but not actually said verbally".

This past Sunday night was a cluster of difficulties.  A perfect storm.  A storm that seems to occur too frequently for my liking, even if the causes are different each time.  Rewinding further to Saturday, I was feeling a bit under the weather.  Probably more than under the weather, I was outright puking.  I went to bed much earlier than usual and still woke up exhausted and just feeling ucky (and woke up earlier than I really like to on the weekend!).  I DID get a bit of a rest/nap with Jared for about 3 hours from 11 to 2pm.  After grading for my online class, I was even OK to watch a little TV before bed.  I was tired and thought I could easily go to sleep as soon as I hit the sack.

WRONG.  Failure number one.  I couldn't and didn't fall asleep right away.  After starting to doze a little, Jared wakes me up just after 1am.  No biggie...he eats, goes back to sleep and I do the same.  3:30am.  Again with the waking.  5:30am.  Really kid?  At the 5:30 wake up...he was fussing more than usual and howling, so I took him downstairs while I fixed him a bottle.  Back in bed, and I'm looking forward to that hour left of sleep I have coming to me (it's the small things, right?).  No sooner than I hit the pillow and I hear my alarm going off.  What?  Already?  It seemed like just an instant, but it was now 6:30am!  Time to get up and take Jared to his doctor's appointment.

So I really felt awfully sleep deprived on Monday.  It wasn't pretty.  But somehow I got a second wind and made it through the day, watched TV without falling asleep even and was DEFINITELY ready to hit the hay.  Too bad Jared had gotten shots that day and he was starting to run a fever again.  Boo!

Now, you might ask, Amy, what does this have to do with sleep deprivation. It's coming, I promise.

My mind was made up when Jared started whining that I just COULDN'T do it another night.  Time to call in my favor with Mike.  Here's where the sleep deprivation makes it seem like I'm totally off my rocker:

1.  Giving instructions to Mike for what to try...I would THINK it in my head, but not actually say it, then wonder why he wasn't trying it.  It was like I was trying to direct him with my thoughts!

2.  Not realizing what time it actually was and what the status of Mike was.  Time I thought was shortly after we'd gone to the bedroom (wrong!).  I thought Mike was still up (wrong again!).  In actuality, it was later than I thought (more like 1am vs midnight like I thought), Mike HAD been asleep, and the time he went BACK to sleep after settling Jared down was more like 2:15am.  Yikes.

3.  My ultimate think, yet not say...the bottle.  I was going to go downstairs to get Jared a bottle. I was tired, and grumbling about having to go downstairs.  Mike asks why I don't bring up one of the pre-made travel bottles.  My answer was something like "I don't want to make another trip downstairs".  He doesn't get it, but in my head, I explained it.  Clearly, not audibly.  And Mike doesn't read minds.

What I really meant was this:  We have 8oz bottles of the pre-made.  It's more than Jared would drink at one go, so there would be extra.  So I'd have to run back downstairs to put it in the fridge to avoid waste.  By making a 4oz, he would waste less and I'd just leave the bottle upstairs until morning.  Oof...yeah, apparently sleep deprivation makes you THINK you said something, even though you didn't!  It also makes things make sense to you, but not to other people!

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