Thursday, December 13, 2012

How many things...

I used to be infatuated with numbers and doing blog posts with different types of numbers on them.  That hasn't changed, really...I'm still infatuated with numbers.  I just haven't posted lately with any.

So back in the day, I used to post about how much I'd eaten in a day and how much I weighed (ala Bridget Jones).  I'd add in there whatever song was in my head and so on (not number worthy, but interesting possibly).  Nowadays, I'd rather not share my weight (ha-ha-ha!) and my eating habits aren't really all that fun anymore.  My clothes aren't that awesome or cute anymore either.  But my obsession since going from the "post-partum" post-doc to the "trying again" post-doc has been test sticks.  Yep, the ones you pee on.

Because I'm too tired to get too much into the story behind my use of these things and what exactly they're used for, I'll give the numbers and run.

Question:  How many HPTs have I taken this year?
Answer:  9...3 dollar store, 5 internet cheapies ("wondfo") and a First Response

Question:  How many OPKs have I taken this year?
Answer:  A lot.  I honestly can't count.  4 dollar store, and over 20 internet cheapies.

Question:  How many cycles?
Answer:  5, if you include the one that started as a result of Mirena withdrawl.

Stay tuned...