Monday, September 26, 2011

Another repost...see, I can do this!

As I mentioned earlier, I intended to link up a few other blogs and articles that struck me for one reason or another.  Around the time I was thinking of doing a "sleep deprivation" entry, this appeared in one of BabyCenter emails I seem to get on a daily basis:

You know you need sleep when...

Yeah, that really hit home the morning that I opened it up...I almost wondered if I had been dreaming or hallucinating that I was reading it...but it was real!  Clearly, I had not gotten enough sleep the night before.

In any case, before I end this entry...I thought it interesting to mention some of the "advice" that is given regarding getting more sleep.  Or even how to "get" your baby to sleep better.  My advice:  kids are unpredictable, and they'll do what they'll do.  There are two directions theses topics tend to take (advice in general...not mine in particular).  One is the effects that sleep deprivation has on the parents, how to improve sleep, and so on.  The other is how to get your kid to cooperate...all of the strategies and so on.

Once again...they'll do what they'll do.  Maybe it's the Zoloft talking, but sometimes I think when I chill out and go with the flow, things end up working themselves out.

The End.

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