Friday, September 9, 2011


I've been reading quite a few articles these days that I find online that I think are worth sharing. I'm not sure whether I'm just now starting to notice a lot more blogging moms and are relating to what they are writing about, or whether they are becoming more prevalent.

In either case, two articles (I'll link to them...promise...just need to look up my bookmarked links for them) that I found quite interesting lately. One was linked from a People magazine article and was regarding mother's having moments where they just need to be left the f*** alone. It was kind of funny that they talk about how everyone needs something right at the moment that you really aren't in the mood, are just trying to take care of one of your own needs, or something else along those lines.

So another one I found after reading an email from BabyCenter. Sleep deprivation...ah...the topic of a few of my posts these days. It was quite hilarious (yet sad at the same time) that that particular blog post hit me right at the time where I was going through the same thing.

I might have lied...I think there is another article...from NPR, but I have to go back and check. In any case, if memory serves (and these days, who knows how good my memory is!), it was about parents who work and admitting that they don't "love" being a parent like they are guilted into thinking that they should.

In the end, the more I read, the more I realize that there are people like me...having many of the same thoughts, experiences, feelings and so on. Is this stuff all new? Certainly not...but people talking about it is probably something that is relatively new. Parenthood not always being gumdrops and roses and little fluffy kittens? I still love my kids, but some days I also know that we're in for one heck of a ride for a while!

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