Monday, August 15, 2011

What sleep deprivation does to you...take 2

Oh sweet sweet little Jared.

While in the midst of yet another night where my youngest was up every 2 hours or so, I found myself unable to fall asleep even though I was clearly exhausted. I decided around 7am that I just was physically unable to get out of bed. Both Daniel and Jared were snoozing peacefully, and it seemed so wrong for them to be sleeping and have me be up. So I took the day off.

So now here's for what sleep deprivation did this time. It made me sleep for nearly SIX (yes, six!) hours straight today. I hopped in bed around 12:30 (after working on some stuff this morning after the kids went off to daycare) and got up around 6. I felt stoned...drugged...but kind of good. I don't think falling asleep will be a problem tonight.

Sleep deprivation has also made me forget the name of the restaurant that we're going to lunch at tomorrow (I know it's pizza though!).

Lastly, it's made me lose all motivation to do just about anything.

I hope for everyone's sake that we ALL stay sleeping tonight!

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