Thursday, August 11, 2011

About Me

My mind has been set to a mode where I sometimes leave out details about myself. It isn't as though I assume that everyone knows everything about me, but just that I have a strange level of discomfort with talking about myself.

My name is Amy. I've been married to my husband, Mike, for 5 years as of this past June. We've been a couple for the past 7 1/2 years, and known each other for the past 16 years. I'll do a separate post detailing a little more about our relationship in particular.

We have two children...Daniel is our first-born who just turned 3 this past July, and Jared, our baby, who is 5 months old today. Our family is not yet complete, and we anticipate having at least one (hopefully two!) more.

I work as a post-doctoral fellow in a cancer research laboratory at a non-profit research institute. I have a Ph.D. in cancer biology, and a B.S. in molecular and cellular biology. I've worked in labs for the past 15+ years and I absolutely love it. This is the second place that I've held the position of post-doc, and I am uncertain as to what might come next in my career path.

Well, that is the run-down and a little background information about myself, my family and my work. I think I'll quite easily be able to have a separate entry expanding each one of those a little more...stay tuned!

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