Friday, August 12, 2011

What sleep deprivation does to you...take 1

OK so it's already been said that we have a 5 month old. We thought we had things down pretty well with this little guy, since he started (mostly) sleeping through the night when I started back to work and he started going to daycare at around 6 weeks old. The "stimulation" from daycare kept him up a little bit more, so he'd do pretty well at night. And before that, things weren't so bad either (going to bed around 8 and he'd wake up once or twice).

Then this weird thing happened. He reverted! I've read about that sleep reversion thing, but I don't remember a whole lot about Daniel going through that. What I did remember with Daniel was that it was food related and starting him on cereal helped to fill his tummy, which translated to him sleeping longer.

The reasons behind Jared waking are not really the point here...but rather what sleep deprivation has done to me.

Just today...I have:

1. Gone to put in my contacts, grabbed an old (empty) case, and put my finger in it and it took a good 10 seconds to realize that there was no contact on my!

2. Spaced out on an entire conversation/argument/confrontation going on in my lab about 5 feet away.

3. Forgotten what I was going to say while I was in the process of saying it.

In the past week:

4. Gone to take some Advil, but instead grabbed the Zoloft and took one of those. After that, I went into the fridge to grab something to wash it down with, and put the Zoloft bottle in the fridge. When I turned back around, I realized that I hadn't taken Advil, and the only reason that I realized that the Zoloft was in the fridge was because I almost put the ADVIL into the fridge instead of the juice.

5. Left my dry ice bucket in the tissue culture room

OK so the last one I could have easily done on any other day that I wasn't lacking for sleep.

I think I need to stop here and have my I shall return!

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