Thursday, September 27, 2012

Post-Doc Appreciation Week

It's a bit overdue, but Post-Doc appreciation week was last week!  I sometimes think that there are hokey, made up holiday things, and that this might be no different.  This wasn't the "first" appreciation week.  But the first that I've had that warm fuzzy feeling at having being recognized during the week!

It started out on Monday, when I was "found" by a member of our institute's "culture committee".  A card!  I have to say that really made my afternoon!

And then, later in the week, I got a thank-you card from my awesome boss (and I do say awesome, because she is, and not because I'm trying to kiss up!).  Don't know if it was "for" appreciation week, but I had an awesome week!  It's kind of fun to have an appreciation week set aside that is meant for so few.  It's like my birthday, but I don't have to turn a year older.  It's different than, say, Mother's Day, because I don't have to share it with a billion other mothers.  Anyway...thanks everyone!

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